Footnote formatting, indent first line but leave space between number and footnote

I’m trying to replicate a style guideline from a publisher.

They want the first line of the footnote indented, then the footnote number, a small space, and then the text of the footnote with the same margins as the main page text.

I can’t figure out how to justify the paragraph like this in LO while retaining the space between the number and the text of the footnote.

Here’s the text of the guidelines as an example:

image description

Ok, with the help of a previous question I was able to figure it out and answer my own questions.

First you want your footnote paragraph (modifying the footnote paragraph style) to have no indent before or after the text, but an indent on the first line:

image description

This will push the first line of the footnote over including the number.

Next you want to go to ToolsFootnotes and Endnotes and insert a certain number of “spaces” in the After box in the first section under Autonumbering:

image description

You can see them selected there in the screenshot.

Finally to get the footnote numbers to be superscript in the footnote itself, you need to modify the character style Footnote Characters and set the Position to Superscript:

image description

Finally we have our properly formatted footnote:

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To improve your answer and get closer to the original publisher’s guide, you can use EN-QUAD U+2000 or EN-SPACE U+2002 as the after spacer (instead of a certain number of “spaces” which could be affected by justification).

Thank you that’s very useful.

With the (fairly) recent addition of OpenType feature support, a better way – in fact: the correct way – to get superscripts, is to edit the font name of Footnote Characters to [font name]:sups=1, e.g. ‘EB Garamond:sups=1’. This enables LO to access the special area of the font containing true superscript symbols, which in a good font will be designed specifically for the task, rather than just be scaled down versions of the regular numbers. It is further highly recommended that the Standard style (from which all other styles are based on, has its font name edited to include ligatures, chosen number style and so on. A list of all such features and their names can be found here: To enable a feature, use the four-character short-hand and add ‘=1’ after it. For true small-caps, for instance, create a style for small-caps, and edit the font name to e.g. ‘EB Garamond:smcp=1’ or ‘…:c2sc=1’.


It is possible to be more precise by using tabs.

Edit Footnote (paragraph style):

  • zero indent (before, after, first line)
  • tabs: insert 2 tabs (the first to position the number, the second to position the text)

Then ToolsFootnotes & EndnotesBefore (and After)▸\t

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HTH - Regards

Thanks, ajittoz’s answer to my post above provides even more specificity.