Footnotes without paragraph breaks between them

I would like to have footnotes formatted without paragraph breaks of any kind between them. In other words, all footnotes for a page would appear as a single paragraph at the bottom of a page. This is extremely useful for documents with very many very small footnotes, for which having each on a separate line would be a waste of page space. The content of the ‘footnote paragraph’ would visually appear in the form {footnote id}{footnote text}{space}{footnote id}{footnote text}

It’s not possible in Writer.

For a workaround and a suggestion to use LaTeX, if this feature is crucial, see this thread:

Yes. This really is heading into desktop publishing territory. It requires a series of linked frames (or similar arrangement) to effectively determine where the flow of footnotes can be broken, when pagination issues arise, as surely they will.

@oweng - you are right, although technically it probably wouldn’t be that much harder to implement than the regular footnotes. But sad fact is that it isn’t implemented and probably never will.

@bbbb - maybe you find useful another workaround for sidenotes: How to create sidenotes using Writer?

@mahfiaz - I too would like to see this possibility in Writer. It does have its place and offers a more pleasing result in the circumstance indicated. I like your margin notes too BTW.