How to create sidenotes using Writer?

I wonder how to use Writer to create sidenotes. These kind of replace footnotes and look somewhat fancier.

Greetings to @ROSt53 !

Create a panel (Insert → Frame). The frame will be anchored to the paragraph and will keep it’s place relative to the text. Now place your frame to the right and for easier use create a “Sidenote” style for it and “Sidenote paragraph” paragraph style for text. If you need another sidenote, just copy that frame.

To see it working see attached file: Sidenotes in LibreOffice.odt

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Now I could create a side notet. However in my LibO version (3.6) it is called “frame” in the Insert menu. I did not know that I can place frames outside the text frame of Writer. Thanks for the valuable information.

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Thanks for the clarification, I renamed panels to frames in the answer. I used localized LibO, in Estonian we call these panels, don’t know why, maybe it sounds better.

Translations are sometimes very tricky. I know the same from German and English… I am familiar with English terms and get into troubles when I need to use German terms.