Forms in writer: How to wrap text in Group Box Options?

Dear All
I’m trying to make a form With Writer to export as a fillable PDF.
I’m using Writer ver. (x64).
This form contains some Group boxes with radio button options in them.
But, when the text of the option is larger than the page margins (and the Group box size) I can’t make the text wrap in new line, automatically or manually, but it gets cut at the right edge of the box.
I tried to enter a manual line break in the text of the option, and in Writer it renders correctly if I increase the height of the option, but when exported to PDF the text renders in one line and gets cut as before.

Is it any way to make the text render correctly in PDF? I can send an example if needed.
Best regards

It is not the group box which makes option buttons exclusive to each other. It is the common group name. You are free to replace the option box with some text from a label, text box or some drawing object.

I did as you suggested: I put the options text as a normal body text of the document and created the option buttons w/o any caption aside.
Then I put them in the same group and they work.

But I think that if I put captions of the option buttons in two lines with line breaks in Writer, I should obtain same output in PDF export (WYSIWYG).
Maybe this is a bug, but for the moment I’m satisfied with the result.

Untitled 1.odt (9.2 KB)