Found method in Linux to read MS Access mdb or accdb tables into LibreOffice Base

I found a method in KDE Neon, based on Ubuntu Linux, to read MS Access mdb or accdb files with tables into LibreOffice Base after trying lots of other options.
The step by step guide is here: link:[]

If anyone else has success, please share your method.
As far as I know you cannot import the reports or other aspects, unfortunately.


Been using that method for years now. Have many posts here regarding its installation. Even have a post to use it in Windows (step-by-step set-up).

@Ratslinger, then please explain to the OP, where he can find this information. Or did you just forget to link?


I saw no need for any link as it is just a duplication of the process OP has already given a link to. It is like the JAVA question (that one answered personally 100 x’s or more). It is not difficult to find with a search.

For the sake of the Windows reference, here is the post → mdb files not loading to base.

It also refers to using in Linux and a link to the home page of UCanAccess on SourceForge.

@Ratslinger , ahh, ok.

Thanks for the link so future folks have the whole bundle of help.
I had found and bookmarked Ratslinger’s earlier solution he put in the post about 1 1/2 years ago, and am sorry I did not pursue it at the time when I was deep in the weeds with Wine and ODBC, etc.
Just after another failed attempt, I took a look at the solution at from over 4 years ago. What drew me to it was the screen shots, so I was willing to try one more thing…

Since I prefer LO I am glad to be here and hope to use Base more.
Thank you so much.


I would be very careful with the instructions provided in the “” link in the posted question. Placing “hsqldb.jar” into a class path is dangerous! Could damage Base files. Have gone through that years ago and it is not easy to fix.

Personally I would ignore that post completely!

I trust @Ratslinger’s opinion on the usefulness of the method referred in the original post (not using Base myself, I have no experience myself); but still I feel that @Ratslinger is too harsh on this. Personally I have upvoted the post, not because I suppose it to be perfectly correct, but because it’s posted here in the best spirit of sharing own gained knowledge and experience. If only more people felt like @dataguy and shared more here!..

An advise to OP: since you are able to edit your own post, I urge you to try the advises mentioned here, and edit your post to become a good source of best available information on the topic. Thanks!

Can’t imagine not being emphatic when there is probable damage to files if instructions were followed.

I’m finished with it all!

@Ratslinger, I haven’t seen you in awhile. Before that you have been a foundation rock here! Are you ok?

@EasyTrieve Didn’t you read the comment above?

BTW - your last answer is incorrect (re:Document Info). Edit the form, from menu - File ->Properties. This alleviates all your intricate bash stuff!

@Ratslinger: hi! I am not sure that I understand it correctly; but I feel like I have offended you somehow in my reply above - and I didn’t realize that when I read your response then.

I sincerely apologise for that; and honestly, I didn’t want to offend you. Sorry if I did.


Yes, I felt your comment to be insulting and degrading. Your comment and what we have to deal with here was the proverbial straw.

I will not dwell on the details as this is not the place for it. I drop the entire situation and will again go forward.

Thank you for your comment.


After a more careful reading to linked post in the question, I advise all not to follow those instructions. They can cause damage to Base files - those using HSQLDB embedded.

Instead refer to my answer here → Importing MS Access tables into Base, No option works. Using Linux Mint..

It contains links to UCanAccess connector and the lint to the post with correct installation - AskUbuntu.