Freak "Repeat" menu

I doing some copy-> paste special → number/text only.

I should paste-special again several times to somewhere else in other sheets.

When I saw in the “Edit” menu, they only show “Repeat: Copy”

I wish they will show me “Repeat: Paste special”

Why not just use shortcut " ctrl+shift+v " ? It is more convenient than using edit menu.

OK there is another way by using macro. Follow this:

1- enable recording a macro see this and this.

2- star recording and do a normal special paste.

3- end the recording and save the macro.

4- then assign a special shortcut for the new macro.

5- enjoy special paste with one shortcut.

That’s it!
I follow your advice, and I now have create a nice paste text/number only Macro :slight_smile:
Thank you

Ctrl+Shift+V require extra “enter” keyboard. Total four keyboard must pressed (Ctrl, Shift, V, and Enter)

If I can reduce just in one or two keyboard shortcut, that should be better.

The context menu of Calc offeres: Paste only and then the choice of TEXT or NUMBERS or FORMULA. It might be choice.