General input/output error while saving the file

I am running LibreOffice on Debian GNU/Linux. Sometime while saving a document, writer throws an error:

Error saving document <document name>
General Error:
General input/outpur error

I have confirmed that this issue is not with any particular file. I occasionally get this error with any random file.

  • similar errors have occurred for me when I have OLE objects opened in other applicatons. For example, I and trying to save and close a document but have a shape or image opened in draw or have double-clicked on the image or right-clicked and selected edit and the image has opened up for editing in an external editing application such as microsoft paint. Before you close off external applications make sure you to save as or copy/paste image in editor to backup.

  • this could be related to lack of write priveleges to the appropriate directory.

  • are these documents which have been saved previously (ie, have a file name and you have opened, edited then wish to save over again?) or

  • are these blank documents which you have are trying to save and give a name to?

  • which location(s) have you tried saving to?

  • try remember the name paths/directories for some of the files you have saved successfully in the past, then try to save new or existing document in this location.

this general input-output saving error may causing LibreOffice to crash / hang when autosaving.