Get Error 1303 (insufficient privileges)

Get Error 1303 (insufficient privileges) when trying to install Version on Windows 10(64) – how do I solve this problem?

Have you tried running the installation file as administrator?. (right-click and selec run as administrator)

Run as Administrator” option not presented! Only Install.

SO… I:

1. Right clicked on the .msi file.

2. Selected Properties.

3. Clicked the Security tab.

4. Selected Authenticated Users, then Clicked The Edit button.

5. Gave it Full Control by checking the box [Scary!!]

That did it. Now LibreOffice 6.1 is installed on my PC!

Could be brother printer control center - close control center from start tray or use task manager to end control center processes - worked for me!

Closing the Brother control center worked for me. Thanks!
(Windows 10, libreoffice 6.2.7)

Yep closed Brothers printer control center, via task manager, and libreoffice 6.3 downloaded

Yay! Thank you for saving my sanity!