Global LibreOffice scrollbar accessibility

Having a disability affecting my arm control, the move towards hiding (or worse), removing scrollbar arrows (started by Apple and now seen as an acceptable sacrifice by Microsoft) has eroded accessibility and general usability.

There is respite from this only in the Chrome browser by using the following extension:

It would give LibreOffice an amazing accessibility boost if negotiations with developer of the extension, Wesley Branton, to include it in every LibreOffice application for Windows.

Please, consider this suggestion.

Many thanks,

As mentioned in your other question, there already is a system accessibility option, that controls the hiding of scrollbars. We should not introduce duplicating options in the program. If a user prefers to see scrollbars always, they simply enable it in Windows settings.

That said: asking to “consider” anything here is off-topic: feature requests should be filed properly.

Done. Please see:

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