Good way to split one Writer document into several independent Writer documents?


Has anyone found a good way to split longer works into chapters, and import the individual chapters into other software such as Calibre?

I figure that with Calibre, I can tag and keep track of whether each chapter is complete, whether it requires revision, additional sources, cleanup, and so on.

I tried using File > Send > Create Master Document, but:

(a) the original disappeared,

(b) the individual chapters don’t have appropriate file names, and

(c) even after renaming them, I’d get a number of dialogue attempts when trying to open them. even after editing, saving, etc. Something is wrong with the resulting files, and I’m not sure what or how to repair it.

I retrieved a backup of the original, but is there a good way to split one Writer document into several independent Writer documents, one per chapter?

If the number of chapters is not too high, why not manual process?

Because sometimes it is too high.


The header doesn’t appear in any of the resulting documents. So I need to create a duplicate of the source document, and delete everything after the header. Command-Shift-Down Arrow or Control-Shift-Down Arrow can select all the text after a certain point.

The chapters each appear as their own short documents. I have to open each one in turn, and save them. I also saved them with new names and deleted the ones with the numbers.

Only after doing that for each file did I delete the master file.

… P.S. And then I import the file into Calibre, and then I get the accursed errors again.

P.P.S. Another possible solution here, though it loses some formatting: Export only certain section