Grammar check not working

Greetings, I have read all the grammar suggestions but nothing new for me to try. Only the spell check works. Is there a recommended plug-in or stand-alone grammar checker for writer?

You didn’t mention your OS. LO packaging is different across OS"es, notably grammar-wise.

See discussion under my answer here. It looks like only Windows comes with a factory-installed grammar checker.

Read these guidelines and ask a good question. In particular, what language(s) do you want to check?

Hi. First, not all English languages are supported by the grammar checker, which I think is included with LO now. I installed an extension years ago but it looks like the one that comes with LO. The extension, English Dictionaries, is at English Dictionaries » Extensions , it includes - en_AU (Australian), en_CA (Canadian), en_GB (British), en_US (American), en_ZA (South African). If you are using a different language, e.g. English NZ, it won’t work, do what I did and change the default language of your documents to one of the languages above. Tools > Options, in the window that opens go to Language Settings > Languages and under Default language for Documents select English (UK) [or other], make sure it has the blue tick with ABC against it, click Apply. Keeping the window open go down to the next setting Writing Aids and make sure that Lightproof grammar checker is ticked and under Options Check grammar as you type is also ticked. OK out

If you didn’t see those options then download the extension above and save somewhere. In the Writer menu click on Tools > Extension Manager, in the window that opens click the button Add, navigate to your download, select it and click Open, allow it to install.

There is also another grammar checker, LanguageTool, that seems recommended but I haven’t used it. Read the reviews to see if any problems are raised. It is linked on LO Extensions website also but not held there as it apparently requires Java to work LanguageTool » Extensions

I tried LanguageTool a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to work well in LibreOffice. Not sure what languages are supported - I only tried English.