Header border seems to be not the header content

Writer 7.6, using .odt

For custom page style here the page header is set to “same content on the first page” : unchecked. A field inserted in header appears only on pages 2nd, 3rd and so on - so far so good.
Following fact confirms the above to be true: the header marker above text area, header marker reads “First Page Header (page style name)” for first page, while it reads “Header (page style name)” for all remaining pages.

Additionally header has its border enabled. The border is presented however on all pages - also on the first page. Is this the intended behavior?
To rephrase: Is it possible to set for first page different border than for remaining pages?
I conclude following from the observation made: header border is not the header content. Right understanding?

If as next, one enters the header settings (by using the header marker on first page), then one removes the header border and closes dialogs with a click on OK, then the header gets removed from page 2 but not from page 1 - that’s crazy. Document has only two pages.

Only header “text” can be different with this simplified page style configuration. As you have noticed, there is only a single sub-dialog for header or footer “geometry”. And this “geometry” is shared between all three variants: first, left and right.

If you want different “geometries” (header/footer size, border, spacing, …) on first, left and right pages, you must create your own separate page styles and link them with the Next style parameter to automate switching from first to left, then right dedicated page styles.

You can make do with two styles if you don’t differentiate left and right pages: first, then running style.

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Thanks for confirmation. Anyhow, don’t you think following behavior is strange?

Eventually drawing a white-colored line layered on border and covering it? Which anchor type would work best way in this case? In this case the border has the shape of straight line, no poligon.

How about drawing a white-colored line layered on border and covering it? Which anchor type may give best results (in sense of reliable results) in this case?

Header border seems to be not the header content - #3 by eighty2 This workaround* works well as long as one stays in the same LO as the LO where document were edited. Or, when one prints to PDF.
Workaround does not work any more if one opens same document in Writer 6.4 on Windows 10. In this case the horizontal white-colored straight-line drawn manually doesn’t overlay the header bottom border but is moved a bit toward page top edge.

I found only this manner to work around the problem that it is not possible to form first page header border differently than the header of all subsequent pages.