Header with sub-chapters as content

I would like to use a “header left” with the content of Heading1. I could do this successful by first assign the header, and then insert a field with the content of the chaptername (which is heading1) to this header.

Now I want to use “header right” with the content of the sub-chapter (Heading2) preferable with the outline numbering. But I could not find a way to do so.
In the valuable manual Download / Buy | I have read on page 214 this is possible but there is no explanation how to do so.

@ajlittoz I get the idea. The exact solution does not work for me, because when doing so the insert button is disabled. But when I use menu → Insert → Fields → More Fields → than the insert button is available. I just missed the level option at the bottom. Problem solved, thanks.

The solution did work, but was not perfect. So I created a new question see [Solved] Field separator in header sub-chapter with number

This is basically the same as for a level-1 heading but I am not sure your reference the correct field.

To get the running chapter name or number in a header, Insert>Cross-reference, Document tab. Type is Chapter and Format one of the choices for name only, number only or both number and name.

From the wording in your question, it is not clear if you chose an item in Cross-references tab, Type Heading which gives you a fixed (frozen, not dynamic) reference to a heading. Those in Document tab are automatically updated when you cross a page boundary which is not the case with those in Cross-references.

In the Document tab, you can choose which Level is inserted by selecting it at lower right in the dialog.

You must however be aware of some limitations.

The heading state is captured at top of page for headers and the state of the first paragraph of the text is retained. There is usually no issue for level-1. If the first paragraph is at level-1 and a Heading 2 occurs later in the page, this level-2 is not seen because it was not in effect at top of page. In this case, Writer does not return an empty content but reverts to existing level-1 (more generally if a level does not exist, the preceding existing lower level is returned: 10 → 9 → 8 → … → 2 → 1). A header displays the first level active in the page.

For footers, state is captured at end of page, so you get the last level activated in the page.

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