Help With Base and Java

Good Evening I am having a problem with Java and base. I have a MAc Book Pro and I am currently running MAC os Sierra 10.12.2. When I start Base I get the Error Message LibreOffice requires a Java runtime environment . I checked the box to use java runtime however I get no java’s showing up in the list. I uninstalled and reinstalled Java and Libre Office and it still did not work. What Now?



Thank You All I got it working

For some reason LibreOffice does not work with JRE on the Mac.

Install the JDK and then it will work.

Note: a drawback to the JDK is that it does not update itself like JRE does. So to stay up to date you need to do manual updates.

I have not found an explanation of why JRE does not work. Perhaps an answer may be found in a Mac forum.

JDK does update automatically depending upon the install. Just had an update recently for v8u121 on Xubuntu. See my answer for the why JDK not JRE.

You need to install JDK and not JRE on the MAC. It is available from here. If after installing you still have a problem, go to Preferences/Advanced and check the box adjacent to the 8u121 java.


For the answer as to the why, see my answer in this post.

THANK YOU Ratslinger! It’s impossible to find this information anywhere; it is utterly ridiculous that Libre Office just fails and offers no help when this mysterious JDK thing is not installed. I scoured various help sites, even went to that stupid freenode IRC thing (*** is THAT?!). Libre Office has absolutely no chance of ever gaining more than a fraction of the user base of Microsoft as long as it keeps itself firmly aimed at nerds, who actually care about the difference between JDK and JRE.