Help with LO writer and PDF fillable forms


I am wanting to present to TENANTS, a Tenant Application Form, that includes: an Application, Disclaimers, and a Contract. When the Tenant fills out the Application Form, the TEXTBOX (ie:name) or (ie:address) would auto populate throughout the documents. By giving the first TEXTBOX (ie:name) and then replicating boxes throughout the documents with the same NAME, I am able to populate the Disclaimers and Contracts.

However, I would like to have the tenant select a property, from a group of properties, and by the tenant’s selection, auto populate throughout the documents (PAGES) the selection made. For instance, if selected from a LISTBOX, (Property D), then have Property D autopopulated in varied spots in the documents.

I have crudely accomplished that by giving the SAME NAME to LISTBOXes that I have replicated, in a document, but the pull down arrow remains visible and would not look correct in a contract.

Be easy on me, I am a Newbie and just need a little guidance. Please talk down to me, because I don’t know what I am doing anyway. I am looking for the most efficient way to do this, whether MACROS or any other suggestions. I know how to put a BUTTON for the tenant to send the form back to me, but I want the PDF fillable file to work well.

Lots of thanks, in advance.