Highlighting bug in Writer for Numbered list of version 7 & 6

Highlighting the numbers list also highlighting the numbers and not allowing to remove the highlighting of numbers.

✗ Tried to clear formatting of selected line.

✗ Tried to give the entire line to No fill in Highlights.

✗ Tried to change the entire line white colour.

✗ Tried to edit the file in MS Office.

Nothing’s working for removing the highlighting.

bug in version 7 & 6.odt

I have attached a file for your reference

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How did you highlighted only the numbering in the list?

Your question is not very clear., so I’ll give general ideas.

Numbers and bullets in lists are added “off text” by Writer when you request a list. “Off text” means the number/bullet is not real text but some internally generated data. A consequence is such number/bullet cannot be selected for formatting action except when the selection is larger.

The “standard” way to control number/bullet properties is to use styles (in this case the so-called list styles which apply to the numbers/bullets).

Your sample file uses moderately styles, in fact only paragraph styles and all the rest is done with direct formatting which explains why you don’t get what you want. You use neither character styles, nor list styles.

Regarding lists, there are two schools:

  • a fully styled one with list item receiving a paragraph style associated with a dedicated list style

    This one is the most powerful and versatile but quite difficult to understand in the beginning.

  • applying number/bullet with the toolbar buttons to any paragraph style

    This is the most “intuitive” for beginners but exhibits many pitfalls.

You chose the second one. Though it is less customizable, you can control the number/bullet appearance through the Numbering Symbols character style. The action of this style specifically targets the number/bullet on a list item. Modify the Font, Font Effects and Highlighting tabs to your taste.

CAUTION! To see the effect of you changes, clear any direct formatting (Ctrl+M) because direct formatting always has precedence over styling.

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You have a Character style with highlighting in your file.

Just change the style

C:\fakepath\List not yellow.png

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Thanks it worked.