Horizontal alignment of table in format page

I have a spreadsheet set up to print on an A4 page. In page format I select horizontal table alignment which use to work perfectly. Now it leaves an extra 0.5-0.75mm to at times 1.5mm margin on the right hand side so nothing is centred on the page. Within the file I have different sheets of varying widths, and I get varying extra right hand margins than I want. The printer may be the issue, but print preview within the software shows the extra margin too. Printer is a brother innobella. Any suggestions how to overcome this?

What file type are you using?
Are the margins set to same size on every side?
Can you upload a sample file here?

.ods file different margins on different files, all have the same problem.

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all the sheets within the file have the same margin

It should be a matter of ‚Äėpage style‚Äô, you can apply only one for sheet, but every sheet can have a different page style. On every ‚Äėpage style‚Äô, you can set up the margins.

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Choose menu Format - Page… - Borders tab, to see if Right value is set to 0.

Also in the Print Preview, you can activate the Margins button to see them as lines.

If not this, I am inclined to think that it is the configuration of the printer.

Hi all - I found the solution today. The document is set to size A4, but in the advanced options of printer settings I had accidentally changed in the scaling section paper size to letter, so it was scaling to letter size paper - thanks for all your suggestions

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