How can I download the libreoffice help section in windows 10?

I have downloaded and used successfully the main program. Can the help section be downloaded? Windows 10


Please see my answer in this post → How do I install built-in (local) help?

Same question for Linux. You say how/where to Download it but you do NOT answer the question of how to integrate the help files into the program itself. Please describe the process of HOW the INTEGRATION of the downloaded help files to libreoffice performed?

But you do not say what flavor of Linux and it may matter where you got the version of LO. In Ubuntu 20 it is simply double clicking on the .deb file.

is simply the installation.

Linux…ver kubuntu 20.04.4 lts installed fine and is working minus the integrated help files. I’m trying to add the help files after but the only thing on libre’s site I can find to download are pdf files. No *.Deb files for help manuals.

I can only guess where you look, but the help files are at download-section (not at getting help):

Look for the additional downloads below the download of the main program.
There should also be a package in your apt/synaptic or whatever your *buntu uses.
(And be careful: Helpfiles must fit to your installed office. So check, if you used the preinstalled one, flatpacks, installed your own version… Only you can know this.)


I forgot LibreOffice Version… I downloaded from their website.

Also forgotten is whether it is 32 or 64 bit install. Must install same.
On website, when downloading, the help is there with that version available to download. Since you waited, you now need to go to the archive (has all past versions for all systems). The link is at the bottom of the page but here is the closest I can get for you as not knowing the bitness you have:
Index of /libreoffice/old/