How can I get around the "paper mismatch" error when printing #10 envelopes?

Tried to print #10 envelope with Writer v4.3.1.2 & HP6510 inkjet printer paper tray at envelope size. Did all to get to envelope print screen. When I hit print envelope is pulled in printer & stops and get message PAPER MISMATCH from printer.

After hit print icon, says on screen 2 pages to print but I only want envelope to print.

Prints envelope with MS word 2007 no problem

Programmers: please try to simplify envelope printing

Here is complete issue: Trying to print a # 10 envelope using LibreOffice Writer and HP 6510 inkjet printer with the paper tray adjusted to envelope size. Did all steps to get to the envelope print screen. When I hit the print icon, the envelope is pulled in the printer but then stops and I get message “PAPER MISMATCH” so I have to cancel printing. Any idea what is wrong? Never had a problem with MS Word and still don’t so I know it’s not the printer. Please advise. NEED MORE THAN 255 CHARACTERS ABOVE!!

Try the suggestions in this previous question. And search this forum for “envelope” to find others.

As oweng says there are a number of open bugs pertaining to printing envelopes. There are many, many possible system configurations to account for with printing. Hope you find a satisfactory work-around.

Also refer this question and answer.

JohnD-your answer is not very helpful. This envelope issue has been reported before–without resolution. It is not a issue of searching this site for an answer.

There are a few open bugs relating to “10”+“envelope”, most of which are UNCONFIRMED. Envelope printing (particularly this size for some reason) has long been a problem probably because it requires the same printing setup and a printer with an envelope feeder. Please help us to get these bug reports confirmed. Thanks.