How can I increase the number of "Recent Documents" that LibreOffice remembers?

I’m using, though it looks like I’ll be upgrading soon.
Currently the Recent Documents list (File|Recent Documents) contains the last 10 files I’ve edited. I do a lot of editing and would like to make this list longer. Is there a setting that I have missed? If not, there is surely a variable that I can set in one of the .ini files or something like that.

PS, I don’t like having to use a commercial service (Google, Facebook, etc.) to login to a non-commercial website.

Duplicate of another question, with the best answer being to change PickListSize in the Expert Configuration. No addons needed.

Please take a look to this thread:

I tried to find that answer, but my search failed me :frowning: Thanks.

As a workaround you can use the “Load URL” toolbar option to obtain a lengthier list of recent files. Tools > Customize > Toolbars tab > on the “Standard” Toolbar ensure the “Load URL” Command is checked:

Load URL command

Good catch Oweng, I have forgotten, I do not use it because if the tool bar with the icon is docked in vertical does not show recent, and in horizontal it is too wide for me.