How can I keep first 5 pages number free?

thanks - not sure if this is the place- but am desperate - I’m using Linux Mint Office Libre 5 (I know - dinosaur) and can’t find a way to number my pages in document in footer so that the first 5 pages are blank, but page 6 begins as number 1 (like most books after title pages and dedications, etc.) . Have tried any number of suggestions but think with no joy.

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Stating Have tried any number of suggestions but think with no joy is not an explanation what did not work for you.

Thanks - point taken.
I tried several suggestions on various forums - will have to spend sometime remembering them all - the long and short of it - they did not work when followed

However, I think I cracked it - one thing that was not mentioned (which I only just now discovered) was to click on Title Page - this allowed me to set up what I wanted. Unfortunately that was not mentioned (maybe obvious, but not to a novice - like myself)

Maybe it was my old version of Office Libre. (5)

Just one question- I’ve inherited an old version of Linux Mint (Office Libre 5) - can I simply upgrade it to the most recent version without losing my files/data?
Thanks again