How can I make address labels from a spreadsheet

I want to make address labels from a spreadsheet on Google Drive. How do I do that?

You need to edit your question.To my knowledge a (native) spreadsheet on Google Drive is not a LibreOffice application. Are you using a LibreOffice app???

Additionally, I found modifying a (native) spreadsheet on Google Drive to be challenging. So what I do is develop/modify the spreadsheet on my desktop and then upload it to Google Drive. This avoids undertaking any modifications on Google Drive.

Look at this post: Having trouble populating a table with a spread sheet

If you have a spreadsheet on Google Drive, download it in ODS file format and check if everything reads well in Calc.

After that, register your spreadsheet as a database and proceed from there. Here’s a resource that might help: How do I create labels from a spreadsheet. Answer is accepted and made by a knowledgeable user so you only need to follow the instructions. Read comments below accepted answer too.

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