How can I make grid lines thicker in LibreOffice Draw?

I just found the following useful, answered question:

The above answer suggests how to change the colour of the lines but that solution is not sufficient for me. What I also need to know is this: is it possible to change the thickness of the grid lines?

I find the grid lines too thin, even when set to black. Strangely, the lines are easier to see when zoomed out but when I zoom in, the lines get progressively fainter until I can not see them anymore.

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The drawing grid always consits of points shown as one pixel each for the subdivision and of tiny crosses made from two “lines” three pixels long and one pixel wide for the main grid. There are no continuous grid lines at all.

As far as I know there is no way to change that.

Thanks for confirming that the grid is always rendered with points. Like @Allan1, I also find the points to be too faint and I would like to see the grid rendered with lines.

Try reducing the brightness of your screen. There are web sites which give instructions on how to optimise screen settings.

There are other possibilities to align objects

  • use the position and size dialogue
  • drag guidelines from the rulers
  • enable helplines when moving objects
  • you could create a new layer, and a grid to match the snapping grid in that, see Can I create a printable grid in LibreOffice Draw?, modify the layer to locked, non-printing
  • maybe increase the snapping distance for the grid