How can I open documents in "page width" view by default?

Whenever I open an existing document, I want it to open in “page width” view instead of a particular percentage. I can see that a percentage can be selected but how do I select “page width” as the default? I’d like this for new documents as well.

My system and settings: LibO on XP
Option settings: Tools > options > LibO general > use LibO dialogs is checked

When I set a writer document at a certain zoom factor, save the document, it opens in exactly with this zoom factor and exactly on the page where I last saved it.

I thought that there is a special option setting needed but could not find any special option settings neither for LibO nor for Writer.

The help function of Writer > tab find > search term > Zoom & View Layout indicates that there is a difference in zooming factors depending on the OS. I recommend to read this part.

If you don’ t use XP and different settings than I, your result could be different.

In case of further questions, edit your question and inform on your LibO version, OS, and the exact steps you do.

Thanks for your help. I noticed that page view is 148% for “page width” so set it to that and it seems to work. At least for A4 pages anyway. But I also noticed that the LibreOffice menus etc at the top of the page also zoomed, not just the document. Weird!


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