Can I set a default view for all documents?

This question has been asked many years ago and the answer appears to be “no, you can’t”. It sees however that I am not the only person to want to do this, so I am wondering whether the problem has been addressed since it was raised previously:

I would like to open all documents in ‘page width’ view.

Has this become possible?

Please note (without wishing to appear rude, I am trying to keep any kind answers on-topic):

I am not asking whether I can create a template for new documents. Nor am I asking whether I can save a document I have already opened so that next time I open the file it uses a particular zoom value - [edit: please refer to ajlittoz’s comment and the example given in my reply if I have not explained this point clearly]. I am not asking for commentary on my preferences from people who don’t have the same preference.

I am asking whether I can ask Writer to display every document it opens with a particular zoom value.

If this problem has not yet been addressed, I assume it is possible to do this with a macro?


Following Mike’s comments, here are the links to the previous questions I found:

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I like the way this question is asked. You made a good effort to avoid misinterpretations, and to make your question very focused. The only missing bit IMO are “this is the link to the previous question asked many years ago”, and “I tried to look for the related report in bugzilla, and haven’t found one”

(There’s no setting for what you need AFAIK)

Thank you for your reply and suggestions. I have edited the question to include the links. I did not find anything on Bugzilla, either.

I suspect you are right, annoyingly. The same issue arises with Word so I found a macro someone published on the internet. Obviously, automatic updates/corrupion squashed that within a few months. I was hoping Libreoffice might have looked at the issue.

I am not sure to understand the point.

LO (Writer at least) remembers from session to session the zoom factor used on last saved (i.e. if you cancel edits and quit, the zoom factor for this aborted session is not remembered). The single-page/double-page display mode is more or less a document attribute.

Is this what you need? Note that this factor is not saved per document but globally.

My OS is Fedora Linux 31 and LO So behaviour may differ with OS and version.

The point relates to this scenario:

Someone emails me a .doc document they have saved at x% zoom. I download the document and open it using Writer.

Writer opens the document at x% zoom, rather than the “page width” zoom I would like every document to open at.

This occurs on Windows 10 and Linux Mint (I think 16, I can’t remember what version I have installed and I’m using my Windows partition).

I hope this helps make the question clearer - I will update the question again.

OK, this is not the same scenario as mine.

Though the file format is .doc (and not .odt), I don’t think it changes the outcome. This zoom factor is likely to be recorded inside the document. What you would like is to override the sender’s zoom factor. I’m afraid this is not possible because Writer is built to use the document settings before falling back to general configuration.

Okay, well the answer seems to be “no”, it’s not possible.

It seems like a bad design decision to me.

If we have IT staff with two large screens setting up templates, then staff trying to view the same on tiny old monitors of varying sizes, it leads to a lot of unnecessary view changing. I have to say it annoys me.

I also prefer that my standard magnification be at most 150% because I am used to it in PDF editors and it is the most natural magnification for me. For now, the only (satisfactory) solution that I have found is to create a shortcut (I have set the “Home” button to be a shortcut for 150% magnification). For “LibreOffice - Draw”, this can be found in “Tools/Customize”, in the “All commands” category, select “Function" 150% and then in “Shortcut Keys” select the key that suits you for that function and click on the “Modify” button. Above the “Modify” button, you can choose whether you want it at the level of the entire “LibreOffice” or individually in one of the programs.

The problem I have is that I don’t care what preferences for document view someone else has.
When I open a document on my computer, I simply want it to behave according to my house rules.
I should be able to decide whether a document opens as zoom to ‘Entire Page’, ‘Page Width’, ‘Optimal View’, ‘100%’, ‘50%’ or whatever percentage I want it to have when it opens on my computer.

Do you also want it to has colors that your house mandates, page size that your house rules define, and the text that fits your house rules? The program’s rules are: read everything from the document, and use its content literally. The request to avoid the view settings is reasonable, and it would be nice to implement it, but your words sound like an ultimatum - and that doesn’t look nice.

I interpreted the comment as fair - I’m not sure we need to be judging the way folks express themselves, unless they are being purposely insensitive.

The answer still appears to be no, unfortunately. We’re stuck with the defaults.

Hmm… I thought that there was a clear hint when I asked to mention if you searched for a report in the bug tracker. If no one had filed that before, the next logical step would be … file it your self, right? That is not “stuck”, that is doing your part to make it happen.

Well I didn’t think it was technically a bug but I’ve submitted a report.

Despite Mike’s “clear hint”, it seems my pessism was warranted. See the problem being raised again:

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I think you can save the document at a particular magnification, which it will remember thereafter. I transferred lots from Microsoft Word and had to resize and save each one, but now they all open at the same size - hope that helps (although a little late to your comments)