How can I print Avery 5160 mailing lables?

Trying to covert from Word to LibreOffice. Can not seem to find the lables file so I can print onto Avery5160 mailing lables. Where can I find instructions to set up for this process.

Edit - Response to answer posted in another question:

Wow, this is more than difficult. All I want to do is print labels for my handouts, they are not to a mailing list. This was so simple in my Micro-soft word program on my other computer. All I did is type what I wanted on my label: For example: Restroom Codes: Men’s 5130 Women’s 6580 then save the info, go to mailing labes, pic label #Avery 5160 and print. It would print the information on the whole page of labels.

Can I do this from the Libra program?

Please: Rainbow’s End RV Park Staff

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There are quite a number of answers in this forum relating to the printing of labels and links to documentation. Here are a couple:

How do I get avery 8160 labels printed properly in Ubuntu with Libreoffice?

How do I print Avery 8160 labels

I have Avery address labels 8660 or 5630 can templates be loaded on Libre?

Make sure to follow any links in the answers.


As stated above, there are many answers posted on this subject already. When posting a question, please be more specific on what is to be done.

This post should be of help to print a sheet of the same labels → How to create a blank labels document.

Also, please refer to the LO documentation on Chapter 14 - Mail Merge presented in above answer link(s).