How can I set up a sheet so that every time I add new data into a raw data sheet the new sheet grabs it and organizes it?

I am working with a V4 of LibreOffice Calc on Windows 8. This is a continuation of my previous post I want to set up a new sheet in the same workbook that as I enter in new Company names and part numbers the new sheet will automatically pull them into and populate itself so that each new company name is entered on the top row (alphabetically if possible) and the part numbers associated with the company are arranged under the company name (alpha-numerically if possible). Also I need to fix the sheet labeled Pattern Shop Software Usage Log so that that formula for tallying a dates total hours can be dragged to populate the cells in daily increments.The cells already filled were done by hand in the best way I could come up with. Here is the file. log assistance sheet.ods

That can be done for a limited number of ‘companies’ by formulae in a couple of spreadsheets (allowing for one or two helper sheets?). But I cannot just give this or that advice and have you do the rest. It might be a piece of real work getting it clear and reliable. Then there will come up the questions of maintenance, further enhancements and enlargements … You obviously have already in mind to conditionally sum entries per company/part. Efficiency? What time and space problems may occur when the size and complexity of the task keep growing?

It’s not just a question of “is possible?” but mainly of “best to do by what means?”.

I won’t like to be held responsible for a production application I cannot really maintain regularly. By professionals of the field you will doubtlessly be advised to devlop (that is: to commission) a database application for your needs. If you insist doing it by spreadsheets you will have to analise the predictable future and to set up limiting assurances about the size and complexity to come.

I’m not asking you to be responsible for it I just need a method to work with so that I can try and get my sheet organized and I only need to do it one year at a time. I can make a new sheet for each year so as to keep it with in a reasonable and manageable state.

Lupp. I too need a tally per date type of functionality for summation of expenses grouped by month. Yes I need this for production not a hobby and expect that LibreOffice can compete with Excel in this regard.

@m987: I do not understand “tally” in the context of this thread. Summation for groups can be done interactively using the ‘Pivot Table’ tool (formerly ‘Data Pilot’). It can also be done by formulae using SUMIF or SUMIFS or SUPRODUCT in exactly the same way as in famous Excel.
If you actually want to continue this discussion, you might better start a new thread. The expectations described in the very old thread you entered were excessive.
(What is a “date type of functionality”?)