How can we export/import multiline fields from/into a Base table

OS and versions : Ubuntu 18.04, LibreOffice*

Export/import a table between MySQL and LO Base functions well using Calc sheet as an intermediate table
(with import/export facility of phpMyAdmin on MySQL side, and copy-past from LO side)

Except for line-breaks in multi-line fields. So far, I did not find any way not to loose the line-breaks in the process.


Copying a multi-line field from Calc to Base HSQLDB does not appear to work. Have tried VARCHAR and MEMO. Firebird embedded did not work either.

Probably a bug (report here → Bugzilla) since you can have a form using a VARCHAR or MEMO field and directly enter multi-line text.

Edit 2020-12-31:

In reading once again your question, if instead of using Calc, I copy the MySQL table (using a Base connection) and paste into an HSQLDB Base file, the multi-line works.

Does THIS POST help?