How can you get rid of black screen when attempting to run Libre Office on Surface productsco

After installing the latest version of LO all I get is a black screen after trying to run LO. This is only happening on the latest Surface products of Microsoft. It does not happen on any other computer.

Contacted MS on this problem. They stated that it is something LO is doing with Open GL. Not sure I understood them

Hi, I have a question running on this same topic. It seems specific to LO 5, and it didn’t happen immediately - LO ran fine on my Surface Book for a bit, then the black window problem started. Problem is it’s near impossible to change OpenGL (or any other) settings when you can’t see the menus or the dialogs.

This is due to an OpenGL/OpenCL bug not fixed until end-December. Look at reply to Q64314 for more info + method of fixing (even when you cannot see the screen!).