How do I add a .dbf file to Dbase to include in queries

I exported a table from Microsoft access and saved it as a .dbf file


Unfortunately your question is missing information such as OS, specific LO version used, database to be used and what to include in queries actually means. Please take a moment to review the following.

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Depending upon your intended use, you can use a dBase file in Base. See the LO documentation found here → LibreOffice Base Handbook. Chapter 2 - Creating a database has a section on dBase databases. You will have some limitations on what can be done with this.

Normally you would use a database such as HSQL or Firebird embedded (included with LO) or another such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. to import the data and use within that database. In this respect you can use a CSV file opened in Calc and then copy the data to an actual DB table of your choice. For this see Chapter 3 -Tables. Importing data from other sources.

You can also connect to an Access DB from Base but will be limited to accessing Tables and possibly some queries. All else is inaccessible. There are many post on this site regarding connecting in this manner.

DBF files are hugely useful since they’re just simple local files that can be moved about and emailed back and forth and opened on any system. SQL files, while flexible and useful in other ways, are often more of a challenge to work with for simple book-keeping tasks.


Don’t understand the purpose of the comment. Doesn’t appear to relate to the asked question or my answer.

Your answer said,“Normally you would use a database such as HSQL or Firebird embedded . . .” which doesn’t seem at all logical. It seems more logical to use the resulting DBF file since the data came from MS Access. I guess that’s why we have these discussions!

Nothing to discuss. If, as the question alludes to, there is an existing DB then the file must be converted to a DB table. Base does not allow the mixing of text, spreadsheet, dBase files with each other or a database connection.

As the first portion of the answer states, the .dbf file can be used in Base. Only that one type (dbf). Very limited.

And as for coming from Access, why even bother to export it in the first place. Simply connect Base to the Access DB as noted in the last portion of the answer.

The OP was vague at best with the question and the answer presented three alternatives and comment noted below question has asked for additional information already.

Unfortunately, based upon some of my earlier questions/comments, 50%+ answers/comments here never get responded to.