How do i auto populate with words and numbers

hi there, im trying to auto populate a spreadsheet with a mix of numbers & words
can you help?

Welcome Rob,
do you mean quickly populate a lot of worksheet cells with random test data? In any order? This can be done in several simple ways - using formulas with RANDBETWEEN(), CHOOSE(), CHAR() and other functions or simply using some kind of test data generator

hi there, thanks for your reply
i want to be able to type in the orange highlighted numbers in column B, and the rest will autofill

Hours worked.pdf (14.1 KB)

Yes, this is not very difficult to do with macro. Of course, since you want to track the “Content changed” event, you’ll need a macro - it’s extremely difficult to do it any other way.
FillEmptyCellsRandomValues.ods (11.3 KB)