how do I change default font and font size for calc

I’d like to change my default font and its size in calc spreadsheets. Can someone tell me how to do this?

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There’s no setting ‘for Calc’ insofar, but you can create a template having assigned your font and size to the ÄDefault’ cell style mainly.
Save the template,
import it as an assigned template with the template manager (>File>Templates>Manage Templates),
for ‘Filter’= Spreadsheets
make it your ‘Standard’ by rightclick>Set As Default.

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This worked for me. Thanks

This is not working for me. I am older and this is a productivity killer for me. It is possible I am missing something. The font size is to small for me to see mistakes and correct them. So I have to set the font size for every cell I type in. I set a new template with the desired font size but this does the same thing. Every new cell I have to change the font size.

Again I may be missing something but I do not understand not having an obvious setting for this. Right now I feel like LibreOffice is implying that I am to old to be using a spreadsheet. Now that has to be an irrational thought. Right?