How do I change the colours of a donut chart?

I’ve got a chart that looks like this:

I want to change the colours, but the only way I can find to do that is one segment at a time (ie. changing each of the 156 pieces individually). Surely there’s got to be a quicker way? Some way to make “groceries” green instead of blue all at once?

Secondly, how do I change where the “alignment” falls? Like, currently groceries and rent are lined up with each other but I want Alcohol and Entertainment to line up instead.

I’ve got the data series in rows, if that changes things.

(edit: activated chart pic)

Have you tried formatting the segments? I have never worked with a donut chart so I don’t know if formatting gives you options that would help. Double-click on the chart. Right-click on any segment and choose Format. One of the options might lead you to a solution.

That lets me recolour them one segment at a time, but with 156 segments that would be a really tedious process.

OK, I am thinking you might be able to edit a characteristic of the data series in the chart, rather than formatting individual segments. I see that your “donut” chart is actually a kind of Pie chart with many concentric circles (different data series).

Maybe this will help, or point in the right direction :

Double-click on the chart first to place it in edit mode, then

Right-click inside the chart border but not on any object;

click on Data Ranges;

select the Data Series tab;

click on Fill Color;

Now in the box for “Range for Fill Color”, you need to specify the color you want for the data series selected but I don’t know how to do that.


You can directly change the color of the series by modifying: ToolsOptionsCharts▸click the concerned data serie▸click the desired color

Then you update your graph by F9


before after

For the order of the series, a priori it should be enough to modify the order of the columns in the table …

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Super, Pierre-Yves!! I was unable to help.

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OK, that worked for the colours, but is there no way to modify the order of the items in the chart without switching the columns around? Because the columns are in a particular order for a reason, it’s just in the chart where I want them to look different.


In this case the easiest way would be to base the chart on a reordered copy of the original range. You can create the copy by formula or DDE link.