How do I change the text box font size in LibreOffice Draw?

I’m trying to use LibreOffice Draw to complete a PDF form. The text box text defaults to a size too big for the form, and I can’t find a way to change it.

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Format -> Character --or-- Right click -> Character don’t work?

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I can’t get the Format->Character->[set font and size] to persist past one entry when I’m editing a PDF file (filling out a form). What am I missing? Thanks

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Define and apply the styles you want to use. The Styles Manager (formerly ‘Stylist’) should open on F11. Set font, size -and whatever- for a style myTextBox (e.g., probably derived from an existing example.)
Having created a new TextBox e.g. it may always have the preset font (18 pt Liberation Serif Regular for me currently), but a simple doubleclick on the stylename in the sidebar will format it the way you want.
Defining shape styles you even have access to attributes not directly supported by the UI (judged from my experience).

In addition you can create a non-printable page/slide containing templates for different shape types.

Also note: The current (V 7.4) implementation of named shape styles is very incomplete. To avoid the need of defining your shape styles anew for new documents you have to prepare templates containing them. A later Coppy/Paste won’t transfer them.