How do I convert an odt in Mangal font into Akruti Font?

I have a 80 pages of text in Mangal font. Since it needs to be made into a book, the printer person asked me to convert it into Akruti Font for printing purpose.
I tried to find online converters, but all are closed source trial version, and more over none of them clearly mentioned that they can convert from Mangal to Akruti.

Is there any addons of method inbuilt in LibreOffice Writer, which I can use for solving this issue & get my book printed?


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If your question is only about substituting a font for another, modify Default Style paragraph style. It will work if you never manually change font face anywhere in your document. This means you are using the style system at least in a minimal form to format your document.

  • Display the style side pane with F11
  • Right-click on Default Style and select Modify
  • Go to Font tab
  • Select the desired font in the Family list (this supposes the target font is installed on your computer)
  • Click OK

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In addition to ajlittoz’s answer about modifying the default style, I have two remarks:

  1. Some styles may override the font setting in the default style (not very likely in your case). You’d have to change that font setting as well. Find the section that’s in the wrong font, and put your cursor there. Open Styles & Formatting (View > Styles or F11). See which style is highlighted; change the font in that style like ajlittoz described.
  2. If font selection has been set manually, you can undo that setting in two ways:
    2a) override the font setting manually for the entire document: select everything using ctrl-A, then select the right font from the Formatting toolbar.
    2b) Remove all manual formatting: select either everything using ctrl-A, or select a relevant portion of the document (e.g. by left-click-hold and drag). Then undo all manual formatting for this selection (Format > Clear direct formatting or Ctrl-M). CAUTION this also removes all other manual formatting, like font size, bold, text colour and what have you not.