How do I create an address list and use to print envelopes?

I only have Libre. I don’t have word. I will be making an address list that I want to be able to print on to various sized envelopes. I will enter addresses by hand. Thank you! PS made me put tags to post, but I don’t even know which one it pertains to.

It is probably better to have your addresses in a simple Base database rather than a spreadsheet as Mail Merge works better with databases.

Have a look at Mail Merge in Writer Help and the Related Topics links at the bottom to get an idea of what you will be doing. Make a practice database and try doing a mail merge with that data so you can make sure you have the right fields in the database.

You can use a DL or #10 envelope template from question 246582 . Cheers, Al

There is a Contact Database on the Extensions website, I haven’t tried it but seems to have suitable fields. Use this for your addresses