How do I customise the open dialogue

I’m running Linux (Devuan Bewoulf - with openbox, and no filemanager running) and Libreoffice

When I get the open document dialogue box it displays as an option on the left every mount point/device it can find - 99% of which is clutter. How can I customise it? Or even leave that section out completely. On Linux you can get everywhere via the filesystem - I can’t say I want my document editor to mount filesystems for me.

I came across a similar query …

link text

but for stopping showing ‘dot’ directories. But on the option to use built in LibreOffice save/open dialogs doesn’t appear to be in the Tools → Options → LibreOffice → General Section

To answer my own question, the answer is the answer to this question …

Prevent dialogs to open or save files from showing every last hidden folder

i.e. to force LibreOffice to use its own Open/Save dialog. See the 2 solutions there.