How do I find/create a template for a new Avery label that isn't in Writer?

I bought some Avery labels yesterday that I’d like to try printing on. I guess they’re new because they aren’t listed in the drop down for Avery labels in Writer. They are Avery 6468 labels. There are 2 columns of 5 labels each and the labels are 2" x 4".

Is there some place to go to find a template for that label that will work in Libre Office? If so, where do I look for these? Or do I need to create it myself? In that case, how do I do that?

No one has answered my question I did a bit of research and figured out how to create my own template. For the sake of those who come along later, I am describing what I did so that others will have a head start.

First of all, I have no idea if anyone on the development team for Libre Office is generating templates for new labels as they are released to the market. There are a lot of templates for commercially-available labels already in the program so someone must have done the work to create them but I don’t know if new labels are systematically added to Libre Office. Perhaps the labels I have are so new that they simply haven’t had a template developed yet and the developers will add them to the product soon. Or maybe they only get created if there is a significant demand for a given label. I leave that for others to determine.

Also, I should mention that the label companies - or at least Avery, which is the only one I checked - do have templates on their website but they are for Word, not Libre Office. I have no idea if a Word template will work in Libre Office and didn’t try the Word template for my new labels.

Since I had no template and wanted one, I thought about creating my own, although I had no real idea how to proceed. I looked at the Writer Guide to get the basic concept that I needed. Although the Writer Guide is a bit dated now since it is targeted at Writer 4.2 and I am running, the Writer Guide still seems accurate on the subject of templates, at least to the limited extent I looked at that chapter. The Writer Guide made it clear that I could simply develop my own document and then save it as a template and put it in the “My Templates” area. That was the key concept I needed.

I created my document quite simply. I began by finding a ruler and removing one of the label sheets from the package. I measured the following things: the size of the label sheet, the margins (top, bottom, left and right), the height and width of the labels, and the width of the space between columns of labels (I think these are called gutters). I also counted the number of labels in a column and the number of columns on the sheet. Then I created a new document. I formatted the page first by clicking on Formats->Page… then chose the Page tab. I chose the proper page size and orientation (which is normally portrait for label sheets). I set the top, left, right and bottom margins, then closed the Page properties.

My labels, for the Avery 6468 labels, are in 2 columns of 5 rows each. I determined that there was no obvious way to leave space between the columns of a table so, rather than creating a table that was 2 columns by 5 rows, I created a column layout. I clicked on Format->Columns… and set the number of columns to 2. I clicked the option that said to make the columns equal in width. I unchecked the Autowidth checkbox and entered the actual width of both columns, which was 3.5 inches, and the width of the space between the two columns in the box labelled Spacing.

Then, I created a table that was 10 rows by a single column with the intention that the first five rows would go in the first column while the last five rows would flow to the second column. Initially, the table stayed entirely in the first column and the row height was far less than I wanted. The row height seems to default to a fairly small size. I fixed that by clicking on Table->Size->Row Height…, then unchecked Fit to Size and set the height of the rows to the actual measured height of the labels. After I clicked OK, the table flowed exactly as I wanted it so that the first five rows were in the first column and the second five rows were in the second column.

I haven’t actually tested the document yet but plan to in the next couple of days. I’ll simply put some text in each table cell, load a sheet of the labels in my printer, and print that page. If any of the text prints outside of its intended label, I’ll tweak my margins, row width, row height and space between columns until everything lines up perfectly. Then, I’ll follow the instructions in the Writer Guide to make it a template and put it in “My Templates”. I may even offer the template to the development team to incorporate in the next update of Libre Office. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I hope this helps someone.

see answer

You can create a custom label in LO. File > New > Labels and select the Labels Tab. Select the Brand - “Avery Letter Size” or “Avery A4”. I think 6468 it a US Label so will be Letter Size. Select Type [user]. Select the Format Tab and enter the dimensions and Save. This label will then be available to create labels in future. If you want to create a Template for these labels click New Document and save as a Template. You can also then use the new label design in mail merge.

EDITED 7/9/18

As @LadyFitzgerald said you can use Avery Word Templates in LO. if you want to have different text on each Label entered manually then this is the best way.

If you create a new Label as I described previously, you can use a Database or spreadsheet as the data source.

I have attached a template for the US 6468 Label.

Avery’s templates for Word will work fine in LO. I use several of them.

Occasionally, a blank page will be added at the beginning of the template when first opened in LO. I just delete that page, then save the template as a LO template. No more problems.

Then, I created a table

If you want to synchronize your labels the inserting of frames is the better way of proceeding (Office can help you by menu File > New > Labels).

Nevertheless it is possible to insert sections in table cells, but not so effortless…

If you start with menu File > New > Labels the page size and customizing (margins) are to be done just after having designed the frames and put them into a new page…

See my sample file (which was designed on OpenOffice; the frames are anchored As Character which is more useful for later customizing the page properties). In that case I applied as page size Letter and as page margins (left/upper) 0.25 inches. - Download sample file here: ( Label2x4inches_2x5specimen.odt ) - It all was a work of around 5 minutes.


LibreOffice’s Label Assistant anchors the frames To Page which cumbers later page customizing…

The thorough initial answer and other comments have prob. answered my problem. I’ll report back if this doesn’t fix it.
[Added later:] Well… sort of. Following the suggestion above about the Labels option [can’t give details of who, as I can’t re-view the Q&A w/o closing this!] I got a lot further than expected before hitting a wall. I’m trying to print a whole sheet of individual labels (in a single format but with different data on each — not, youda thought, the first time anyone’s ever tried!) But can I find a way to switch away from printing one whole page of identical labels? It’s not a viable solution to print 15 redundant copies of every label to get the one I want: that’s about half a ream of copy-paper, for something needing about 10 sheets. The step beyond where I am now can’t be complicated, but LO’s dialogs and somewhat jargon-ridden descriptions aren’t intuitive and haven’t proved enlightening. Can someone else be? Thanks