How do I get Insert - Envelope?

I am using LibreOffice and Writer, but I don’t see an “Envelope” on the Insert drop down menu. Therefore, how do I get access to this option?

What’s your display size (if your vertical resolution is less or equal to 768 pixels you just won’t see the entry, cause the menu may be too large for your display and you’d need to customize either the menu, a shortcut or a toolbar via Tools -> Customize)?

For insert envelope, try looking at this YouTube video

If you really cannot find the Insert > Envelope (almost the bottom of the menu) then this answer with a different method using an envelope template might help, Want to print #10 envelopes

Cheers, Al

I went back to LO, checked the version and saw that there was a later version - 6.4 - so I downloaded that version.
When I opened Version 6.4 and looked at the Insert menu drop down, I noticed that Envelopes was the second bottom item on the menu, which only became visible when I moved down the choices, so that the last two moved into view.
Thank you to those who suggested answers! Speedprj2

Interesting. I wrote my answer using a 1366 x 768 screen and could see the entire menu. I have just now changed the text size to 125% and now encounter the problem, moving down the choices does not make the bottom of the menu visible for me on Win10 LO

Happily, the last two menu items can use the Alt key.

  • Insert | Envelope would be Alt+I then Alt+V
  • Insert | Signature Line would be Alt+I then Alt+R