How do I get Writer to print text as well as headings?

I have been using Writer for about 2 years, currently V Recent attempts to print documents (that have printed before with no problem) result in just the headings printing and not the text. Printing a text page on the printer works OK so my presumption is that the printer is working OK. If I look at the printed page with a hand lens I can see that there are a few very small dots where I would expect the text to be but no text. I have tried changing font colour but that has no affect. Printer is a Lexmark x4650 used via wifi, OS is Windows 10.0. Even a simple file such as the one attached does not print properly. Any suggestions gratefully received.funny print.odt

Edit your question to attach the “simple” file for forensic analysis. The attachment tool is the paperclip.

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Currently you should also consider the recent problems with printers
on Win10 , as not only kyocera printers are vulnerable to this bug.
See Blog with more Links

Your file is OK on my Linux box; no issue with printing. Definitely a Window$ issue.

Your file prints fine on my Windows 10, Build 19042, LibreOffice (x64). My Brother and HP printers were unaffected by the Windows KB5000802 update so I would be looking at a Windows fix. KB5001649 apparently addresses this issue.

I would be inclined to first look at Windows Updates on your computer and apply any it is waiting for, Restart, then look for optional updates there if not resolved. Start menu > Settiings > Update & Security > Windows Updates

Thanks to all who commented above. As suggested, updating Windows has rectified the problem :slight_smile: