How do I import a dynamically updated XML from the web into a Calc sheet?

The ultimate goal is to have some XML data from an HTTPS link imported and parsed into a sheet inside Calc. Ideally it should be updated automatically every N minutes, but easy manual update is also an option. The output is a table.

This is what I have explored so far:

  • WEBSERVICE + FILTERXML. Kind of a working solution. Downside is that I have to statically define the array before entering an array function. But what if my XML source provides more data one day? Then I’ll get trimmed results on the sheet. Am I missing anything?
  • Data Provider. Documentation is empty, this thread does not clarify as well. I’ve tried specifying my XML URL, but it didn’t load anything on “Apply”. Moreover, it populates a Database Range, which is also a predefined range on the sheet, so again some data may be trimmed.
  • XML Source. It seems to be meant for one-time loading of local XML files. When I try pasting an HTTP link in the open dialog, Calc crashes.