How do I jump from one part of LibreOffice Writer document to another?

Hi All,

My first post here.

I am using LibreOffice version on Ubuntu 18.04.

I am trying to figure out how to create a link (for lack of a better word) that will allow me to jump to another part of a Writer document.

So lets say that my document starts with a simple introduction (a few sentences) and then a few bullets which represent various topics.

I would like to have the bulleted text be a link to another part of the Writer document.

I found this…

… but the instructions are somewhat confusing (at least to me) and I am not sure that it applies to the version that I am using since the article is over 3 years old.

If it helps any, if I were doing this in HTML this would be called an anchor.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Is it about cross-referencing? maybe you could check this documentation, Hope it helps.

Hello again,

now i think i have a good solution/answer.
by simply using Bookmarks + Hyperlinks

This solution, persists, when you export the odt to pdf and you can use it to as a kind of second “sub-index” to navigate. I think that is what you are looking todo right?

Here an simple example i created: Untitled 2.odt

Here the PDF (Change Extensiont from odt to pdf) Untitled 2_not_really_an_odt_but_pdf_is_not_allowd_to_upload.odt

Simply said, you create set a Bookmark and use a Hyperlink to “jump” to it.

Here the Step By Step Guide:

  1. Set Bookmarks on your Targets
  1. Create Hyperlinks on your link origins.

Now you can CTRL+Click on the Link Origin and you’ll be taken to the Bookmark/Target
When you export the document as a pdf , the links become actual links and CTRL is not needed.

Hope that helps.

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Ask / Getting Started:

You can use the Navigator. If you use an apropriate document structure, then the structure (the Headings) will be appeared in the Navigator (like a special TOC), and you will able to jump to the desired part of the document.

Sorry, it is a Hungarian language sample document, but you can recognize the headings in the Document and in the Navigator:


Thanks for the reply.

I don’t think using bookmarks is what I am looking for.

How about this example, if you download the following…

… which is just a manual to a motherboard that I plan on buying.

If you scroll to the 3rd page where the “Table of Contents” is and under “Chapter 2 BIOS Setup” and click on “2-4 System” it takes you right to page 27 where that topic starts.

I don’t want to use the “Table of Contents” feature within Writer because I guess there are some bugs and all I really have are a few bullets at the beginning of the document. I just want the functionally that I described with the PDF file.

Hope that makes what I am looking for more clear.



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@DanWeer , I dont understand, when you export my example as a pdf, it does exactly, what the pdf in your example does? Or maybe i am missing something? i’ll update my answer with the PDF but you’ll have to change the extension, since pdf can normaly not be uploaded here.

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@DanWeer: no, there aren’t bugs in the TOC feature.

It is called TOC because this is its most common usage but if you change the title it can format a group of closely related “links” to other parts of the document.

When mastering the feature, you can have the common TOC, but also through selected “source” paragraph styles any kind of collected list with the associated links to the source paragraphs.

Your additional information does not make it clearer if you want the TOC as shown in the PDF. In which case, style your “bullet paragraphs” with the Heading n family and build your table of links with the TOC.
Paragraph numbering is done with Tools>Chapter Numbering. You can choose numeric numbering or bullets if you prefer.

To get something different than the common TOC, describe precisely what are the “source” paragraphs (those to be collected in the table) and how you’d like the table to be formatted. The “TOC” feature is very flexible and nearly anything is possible (except inline lists). Variants of the TOC are used to build lists of figures, tables, illustrations, …

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