How do I make a sidebar style with bullets?


I’m not sure how to explain what I want so I’m attaching an example. What I want is for everything in the document to look like a single box with a border around it.

How do I do that?



Sidebar style.odt

If you have different indents for paragraphs/lists you have to put the entire content into a frame or table cell (i.e. container object).
Be aware (!) to define the left indent of a list only by editing the position of Bullets and Numbering values, not by editing the paragraph’s values of left indent!


Normal Text is connected to Text Body Style (paragraph style);

List text is formatted by Text Body List Style (paragraph style) which is connected to Bullet Style (list style).

Background/area color is to be defined for the container object (here: table cell) - not for paragraph.

Sample file attached.



Thanks. Before I came back to check, I figured out that I should be using a frame instead of trying to do it only with text styles. By using the frame, I can put whatever text style I want and the borders always remain in the correct size and color.


If your goal is to have a border all around the page, optionally with a background colour, a faster way is to define a border in the page style with Format>Page Style, Borders tab.

Thus, you don’t need to care for individual paragraph styles.

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