How do I mix one column, two columns, and a table on contents on a page

I want a page with a single column across the top, holding a title and credits. The remainder of the page and document should be two columns. That far I can accomplish. I run into a problem when I want to put a table of contents (ToC) in that two column section. By table of contents, I mean the automatic one, found in Insert > Table of Contents and Index > Table of Contents, Index or Bibliography.

For reference, the result might look something like the first page of this:

I’m using LibreOffice, and am willing to upgrade if necessary.

If I select the ToC and the following body, both Insert > Section and Format > Columns are disabled.

If I set the body to two columns (by selecting, Format > Columns and applying to “Selection”, or selecting, Insert > Section, then Format > Columns applying to “Section”), then try to add a ToC, the new table of contents is a new, single column section.

If I modify the Default Style Page Style, the ToC falls into the two columns as desired, but now I can’t figure out any way to restore the title at the top to two columns.


To get the example result, you can use two Page styles (First Page & Default in Mix.odt).

Put title, subtitle, and author in the header for the first page and only the title in the style heading of the following pages. Both page styles are on 2 columns.

See the attached example (dummy text, created by copy-paste to generate a rather long summary)


Another way to do it is with a 2 columns page and a frame at the top, across the page.

I ran into challenges, but this did work. I had to move to two columns, add the header, then add the ToC. Other orders caused the header to disappear or a blank link to appear above the ToC.