How do I open a Google Docs spreadsheet in LibreOffice. There's a 6 digit pin involved

LibreOffice says I need a 6 digit pin for my Google account. I just chatted with Google, and they say I need to solve the problem on the LibreOffice side.

How do I open a Google Docs spreadsheet

In fact you can’t - you can’t even download a Google Sheets document in a native Google sheets document format. Whenever you want to download such Sheets document, you need to select an output format, such as .xlsx,.odt, pdf and a few more. You never get something like a file MyTable.gsheets stored in a Google document format. If you carefully watch the the sizes of Google documents within your account under GDrive, you’ll notice that these are all of size - - so there are no classical “files” for the various types of Google documents which you could retrieve or open from Google Drive (and I’m not aware of any documentation where Google discloses how they store these type of documents).

Downloading in one of the available formats (.ods or .xlsx) works well, if that is a sutiable solution. The question is perhaps how to access the Google Docs spreadsheet on the Google Docs site, rather than downloading. Has anyone managed to do that?

Try the answer givven at the link below and - as you did not tell your OS or Version of LO - take the following quote into account:

Note also, that in order to use Google Drive, applications must use a “client id” with a secret that are obtained from Google. TDF builds have such an id; builds created by distros (like Debian/Ubuntu) need to obtain own ids; as of today, at least the two mentioned distros do not have such ids, and thus they can’t connect to Google Drive at all.