How do I paginate completed document?

I never gave pagination a thought and the document is finished…to the tune of about 270 pages. How can I now add sequential page numbers…not beginning with 1 on the first page? I want to start with page 1 on the actual fifth page of the document.

  1. Read this tutorial and this tutorial.
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From your specification, your document is made of two parts: the first 4 pages, the rest. Each part must be associated with a page style.

Note: editing is easier if View>Formatting Marks is enabled.

By default, your document is formatted with Default Page Style. Keep it for your second part.

Create another page style (display the style sidepane with F11 if not already there; click on the fourth icon from left in the toolbar; right-click in the list and New). Built-in help (F1) contains concise information about it.

  • Put the cursor at the beginning of the first paragraph of your second part.
  • Insert>Break>Manual Break
  • Select Page break
  • Choose Default Page Style for With page style
  • Check the box for the page number and set it to 1

Put the cursor in the first page and double-click on the page style you just created

Your document is now structured. You can now add the page number in the second part.

  • put the cursor anywhere in the second part
  • right-click on Default Page Style in the style side-pane and Modify
  • go to Header or Footer tab depending on whether you want the page number at top or bottom of page
  • tick the Header on or Footer on box
  • OK

You see now that another area exist in you page: a header or a footer. Click inside it.

  • Insert>Field>Page Number

If these manipulations look like magic for you, read the Writer Guide.

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