How do I print some pages upside down?

I’m trying to print 4 pages on a single side in such a wat that by folding twice, you get a little booklet. I cannot figure out how to set this up. I’m fine doing it manually, but I can’t seem to turn pages upside down.

Basically what I need is for pages to be organised like this:

1 2

4 3

But with pages 1 and 4 upside down. (Also, it’s landscape.)

I sometimes produced greeting cards on Draw with your desired layout. In Draw you can rotate text (and images/drawing objects as well) 180 degrees which is not possible for regular text in Writer (or very cumbersome, if you rotate 90 degrees and 270 degrees and don’t have any horizontal orientation of text).

Nevertheless OpenOffice Templates offer a Birthday Greeting card in this way (download from here: Birthday Card | Apache OpenOffice Templates) - where some text is to edit in textboxes. Textboxes are able to rotate texts all around and even on 180 degrees… It seems to be worth a try…