How do I resize LibreOffice application window so there is enough room on the screen to do other things there? I'm using Writer 6, Mint 19

I’m running Writer on Linux Mint.

Edit your question to describe your purpose and how you do it presently. As is, your question can’t be understood.

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Also, don’t forget your OS name and LO version.

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What you did does not clarify the question. Do you want to resize the LO window to be able to see other application windows?

What is the problem top drag it smaller (my system here: Mint 20 / Cinnamon desktop manager / LibreOffiice from Ubuntu repository)?

image description

Your question is not yet clear at all.

Answered! Thank you, Opaque!

Then your question was off-topic. Learn how to use GUI environments.

For the records (according to OP’s last comment)

The answer to this question is in comment showing the animated GIF.