How do I rotate text box and rotate text orientation?

I’m working on a book cover in Draw. I have the binding area (vertical area between the front and back covers) as a text box. I’d like to make the book title in the binding area with the tops of the letters to the right (toward front cover). I’m a novice at this. How can I make this happen?
Thank you.

You have worked out where the spine should be so don’t lose that. We’ll put a couple of guides in to show where the text box currently is positioned. Click and hold on the ruler at the left (outside your drawing) and drag a guide line to the right edge of your existing text box, repeat to drag a guide line to the left edge. If you need to define the top and bottom then repeat but drag guide lines from the top.

Right-click on your text box and select Position and Size... (or click F4), select the tab labelled Rotation, under Rotation Angle enter 270, OK.

Grab the top right corner of the Text Box and drag it to the top left corner of guidelines, drag the bottom left corner of the Text Box and drag it to the bottom right of the guidelines.

My answer is basically the same as Earnest Al’s except I avoided a few steps of dragging guide lines and corners. I used text from a separate document (don’t know if that makes a difference; I did it because the text already existed there). I hit ‘copy’ on the text in that document, switched to the target document, right clicked on the image, clicked ‘paste’, text box appeared with text horizontally in the box, right clicked in the box, clicked ‘position and size’, clicked ‘rotatation’, entered 270 in ‘rotation degrees’, clicked ‘OK’. Both the text box and the text were now vertical read from the left (i.e. suitable for a book spine which I was also formatting). I then clicked on the box and moved it into position in the normal manner.
Good luck to lloyde12000 on his/her/its/their/thems/shems/??? book, and thanks to Earnest Al for setting me on the right path (too many times to recount).
PS ‘shem’ and ‘shems’ are my gender/number neutral pronouns. I deplore the corruption of plural pronouns for the singular as it degrades our language and breaks the continuity of our links with our past through over a thousand years of literature. True, ‘shem’ is also already used, but how often does Noah’s son come up in conversation? If the LGBTQ$%&^ community dislikes ‘shem’ fine: there are millions of them (plural) so there should surely be at least one individual capable of creating suitable NEW pronouns without poaching and perverting existing ones. OK, I’ll end the rant before I get to ‘gay.’