How do I save footnote and endnote format in a Writer template?

I have a Writer template I use for particular work. It has the right size, fonts and styles - that all works fine.

I want to set the footnotes to be numbered *, †, ‡ and endnotes to be numbered 1, 2, 3.

That’s easy to set in Tools->Footnotes and Endnotes… - but when I save the file as a template, documents created with it still have the footnote numbering set to the default 1, 2, 3 and endnotes to i, ii, iii.

Answers to this question say that simply saving as a template will save this setting - but it doesn’t work for me, including on a fresh profile.

What am I doing wrong in creating my template?

I’m seeing this in LO 7.1a (git master) and LO 6.4 (distro version), both on Ubuntu.

It depends on what you’ve done with the template and the document.

If you create first the template and after that make new documents based on the template, it works.


If you already have documents based on the template with the default numeric note numbering and you modify your template for symbol numbering, the change will not forward next time you open the document if the document already has notes because the implied setting in the document takes precedence over the one in the template.

It works as expected if the document has not yet any note.

The same happens if you associate a template to a non-templated document with or without notes.

I think the behaviour comes from the fact the note numbering settings are not stored in a style. Notwithstanding, opinion of experts on the specification is necessary to see if this is the design behaviour or an implementation glitch. I don’t know how a change in Tools>Footnotes & Endnotes is stored. Does the fact of using a note (even with default configuration) cause some “annotation” to be written down in the document with the result this annotation masks the same from the template?

If you feel this is not the right way of handling it, don’t hesitate to fill-in a bug or enhancement request on Try to be as descriptive and argumentative as possible.

Personally, I’d support this report on the basis that settings in a template should apply if no “conflicting” (or overriding) setting has been manually configured in the document.

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I don’t think that this setting should be considered as a “style” change. There are a lot of document properties that exist in a single instance (not as a per-style setting, allowing to have multiple instances in a document); they all are “direct” formatting of that document, applied on the document level. They are all explicitly set in the properties (not like “use default”, which would be totally wrong, disallowing the document to be self-contained and independent on target system’s settings), and there’s no way to distinguish if they are set by user or not.

However, of course, a discussion with innovative approaches suggested are welcome, as always :slight_smile:

Mike Kaganski - All the template how-to documentation that I can find that mentions footnote/endnote numbering says it’s saved. And conceptually, I’d have expected it to be saved - it’s a template, I want to make documents that behave in a particular way, that’s a behaviour so I’d expect it to be saved. So yeah, probably a bug.

Does this happen for anyone else, though, or is this just me?

ajlittoz - no, this is where I open a template and create a new document, as I described - I’m not expecting a template change to retrospectively change previous documents.

@davidgerard: then it should work. My LO version is

How did you save the template? File>Save As then choosing the file type? Or File>Templates>Save as Template which also installs it where it belongs?

I was doing it the first way.

I just tried doing it the second way - and a document created from a template saved in that manner has the footnote/endnote numbering saved the way I want!

So then I saved the template again using File>Save As as a .ott … and opening that now works!

So it’s behaving now?

I guess I can close this as user error then :slight_smile: Thanks to all for your patience.

Warning! If you don’t remove it from your “user-system” location (where it was stored with File>Templates>Save as Template) it is still in the way. More over, the template location is kept in the document, so it is not easy to tell which one is active after your second attempt.